Yesterday I went hiking at Governor Dodge in Dodgeville. I had great time but when I came back I noticed a tick on me, right under my armpit. I had nothing in my room that could get it out so I asked a couple residents to help. We did some research to find what kind of tick it was and ways to get it out. We got a lot more what not to do and a lot of pages had differing ways to get it out; one would say do this but another one would say not to do that. We ended up doing a couple different things but none worked. Eventually a resident from 1 East came by and I knew he was a hunter so I asked for his help. He said he’s had 100s of ticks and he looked at mine and just pulled it out. It was kind of funny because we spent over 30 minutes trying to get it out and it took him lesson than 3 seconds. He educated us on the different kinds and what it looks like when the head is in. It was a really good learning opportunity for everyone there.


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