Asian Cafe!

This past weekend I had gone with Matthew and Levon from 3 west to Asian Cafe where we had some super healthy food. At this Cafe there is a buffet on the weekend that has so much to choose from that is healthy and only 9 dollars! Not only is it quite the deal it […]

Halloween Party

A Halloween Party held in our basement hosted by me and Chandler. The party was a huge success with pizza, Hawaiin Punch, and candy. Not only was there good food we also had games such as pool and a dress up contest, if I had the chance I would do it all again and have […]

The Dubuque Symphonic Orchestra

Tonight I went to an orchestra with my friends and a resident to see them play and see something I never have before. It was interesting to hear some of the songs we did and have access to such an amazing resource. i went with Megan, Elizabeth, Thomas, Lauren and Hannah. It was a great […]

Homecoming Parade!

Today was the final day that all our progress had led up to with making this float. We had everything ready and we were there to check in and get ready all on time and all of it went smoothly. This was a great morning and start and everything went without a hitch until it […]

Float Building Part 2

This was the night where plans really came together which was yesterday. On that night we ended up painting everything with the paint we had finally and were able to make another section of the dragon. We also built the head and finished it as well as put scales on and finalized the body pieces. […]

Float building

Our hall was chosen as the China theme so we are currently working on the dragon float we have which is comprised of cardboard boxes left over. The first night we had was the weekend of October 1st. This was where we came up with ideas and finalized the idea of tearing apart boxes to […]

The Glow Party

This small party held between the Dobson and Morrow halls was a great little get together with a a lot of others to meet. There was a table for fruit with variety such as pineapples, apples, grapes, and a few more. It also had many different games like glow toss and glow volleyball. Also found […]