Closing Wing Meeting

Our closing wing meeting is coming up quick. If you are unable to make it, please come see me to make move out go much more smoothly. Refer to your door, or the picture for the date and time of the meeting. Advertisements

Super Bowl Party!

We had a Super Bowl Party in the basement with a potluck for food. The first half was a bit boring, until the Patriots started making a come back. I’m sure Ryan would be willing to use his projector for more events if you guys have any more ideas for it.

Winter Wing Meeting!

This Wednesday (11/14/2016) we will be having a meeting in our lounge. I will be going over the checkout procedure and everything you should do to make checking out for break go as smooth as possible. There are several easy ways to avoid improper checkouts/fines so be sure to be there!

First Wing Meeting!

The publicity about the first wing meeting will tell you everything there is to know about when and where it is. If you absolutely can’t make it, let me know beforehand so I can go over what will be covered with you.