Closing Wing Meeting

Our closing wing meeting is coming up quick. If you are unable to make it, please come see me to make move out go much more smoothly. Refer to your door, or the picture for the date and time of the meeting. Advertisements


Gus from 4 East put this event on today, and it was fantastic! There were 4 teams. Unfortunately, only Quinten and myself represented 3 West. For the first challenge, we had 45-55 minutes to design a base. The second challenge was a tournament of 2v2. After 3 hours of watching/playing, 3 West managed to win […]

Late Night

I was joined by Quinten, Matthew and Lee for Late Night. We had a great time participating in many of the activities, from inflatable games to mini golf. At one point we went to get brats, but right once we got to the front of the line, the brats were gone. So instead we got […]

Fancy Pool

Goodwill had a lot of suit jackets for sale, so we did what anyone would do, and all got dressed up. once we had out nice suits on, we went to the PSC to play some pool. This was a great time and will happen again, now that even more people have suits!

Food and Games

Thursday night, Thomas once again returned to McGregor. He made a delicious stir fry for wing members to enjoy. After a great meal, we all went to Ryan and Quinten’s room because they wanted me to play the Stanley Parable.

Climate Change and You

At 6:00 PM on Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Chris Underwood came to McGregor to present the documentary Before the Flood. After the documentary was over, we had a group discussion. If we don’t start changing what we are doing soon, the future looks grim.