Pancake Supper

Tonight we had a fantastic turnout for our spontaneous pancake supper. In addition to the typical guys who join, we also had some guests from second floor. We even had 2 guests from different buildings. So the pancake events are growing!!! Tonight we had a bit of a challenge trying to drink a whole bunch of milk with the pancakes due to a surplus from Duncan Diner. (If you have any ideas for an event in the near future utilizing milk, let me know and I’ll try to make it happen.) We also learned that the largest of pancakes is approximately 68 cubic inches. Or,¬†just a bit under half of a cubic foot of pure pancake goodness. Another math fun fact is that this year so far, we have gone through a little over 35 pounds of pancake mix. That is before any water is added!

Thursday Night Wing Dinner

Last Thursday night¬†Ryan, Thomas and Quinten started preparing another meal for whoever wanted to participate. The meal of the night was Chicken Yakisoba. Those who cooked, Matthew, Zach, Jason, Lee, Myself and a guest Ryan helped eat all of the delicious food. Afterwords, we all helped clean up the kitchen. I believe that Thursday Night Wing Dinner’s are going to quickly become a weekly occurrence. If you have any ideas for a meal, feel free to speak up or try treating the wing.