Halloween Party

A Halloween Party held in our basement hosted by me and Chandler. The party was a huge success with pizza, Hawaiin Punch, and candy. Not only was there good food we also had games such as pool and a dress up contest, if I had the chance I would do it all again and have […]

Homecoming Parade!

Today was the final day that all our progress had led up to with making this float. We had everything ready and we were there to check in and get ready all on time and all of it went smoothly. This was a great morning and start and everything went without a hitch until it […]

Float building

Our hall was chosen as the China theme so we are currently working on the dragon float we have which is comprised of cardboard boxes left over. The first night we had was the weekend of October 1st. This was where we came up with ideas and finalized the idea of tearing apart boxes to […]

The Glow Party

This small party held between the Dobson and Morrow halls was a great little get together with a a lot of others to meet. There was a table for fruit with variety such as pineapples, apples, grapes, and a few more. It also had many different games like glow toss and glow volleyball. Also found […]

The Return of Thomas

On 4/6/17, our beloved Thomas Pecora returned to McGregor. He came bearing gifts of pizza to share with our family here on 3 West. It was fantastic to see him around the wing again and hang out with everyone! P.S. as you can tell from the above picture, the pizza was fantastic!


Thomas was the cook tonight when he made Vegetarian Chili in Bread bowls and corn bread for everyone who was around on the wing. This by far surpassed my personal expectations and even got me to try eating beans! Thomas did an amazing job with this dish!