Sunny Door Decs

I hope that these new door decs brighten your day. They were inspired by the nice weather that is right around the corner. Advertisements

The Return of Thomas

On 4/6/17, our beloved Thomas Pecora returned to McGregor. He came bearing gifts of pizza to share with our family here on 3 West. It was fantastic to see him around the wing again and hang out with everyone! P.S. as you can tell from the above picture, the pizza was fantastic!


Thomas was the cook tonight when he made Vegetarian Chili in Bread bowls and corn bread for everyone who was around on the wing. This by far surpassed my personal expectations and even got me to try eating beans! Thomas did an amazing job with this dish!

Pancake Supper

Tonight we had a fantastic turnout for our spontaneous pancake supper. In addition to the typical guys who join, we also had some guests from second floor. We even had 2 guests from different buildings. So the pancake events are growing!!! Tonight we had a bit of a challenge trying to drink a whole bunch […]

Nerf War Coming Up

These brand new door decs are to help you remember that we will be having a nerf war in the basement on 2/24/17. There is still time to visit Walmart if you do not already have a nerf gun. Hopefully I’ll see you at the war!

Thursday Night Wing Dinner

Last Thursday night Ryan, Thomas and Quinten started preparing another meal for whoever wanted to participate. The meal of the night was Chicken Yakisoba. Those who cooked, Matthew, Zach, Jason, Lee, Myself and a guest Ryan helped eat all of the delicious food. Afterwords, we all helped clean up the kitchen. I believe that Thursday Night […]

New Door Decs Are Up!

It’s still cold out, and everyone just got done with break. These hot chocolate door decs are almost as relaxing as the real thing. As always, if you have an idea for an event, or just want to chat, feel free to stop by 309.