Mini Pizzas

Sunday night for a snack, we decided to make some mini pizzas. We had some of the generic ingredients, but were lacking the necessary pizza sauce. We did have tomato sauce, so I then let the resident decide on how they wanted to season the pizzas. The final verdict was to use at least a dash from every seasoning we had. A bit to much garlic salt ended up being used, causing an extra salty yet delicious pizzas to be made. We then discovered that bbq sauce complemented the pizzas nicely.


For one of my classes, my group is making a Theo Jensen Walking machine. It looks a lot like a spider machine with one motor. Thomas Pecora has been a great help for bouncing ideas between during the design phase. Ryan Mueller has been doing a fantastic job of turning design into reality. We are all learning a good deal about the mechanisms with this project.

Consent and Tea

Today, I was joined by Ryan and Matthew at Bridgeway for lunch. While there we talked about consent for a little while. I was then reminded of a great video that makes learning what consent is very easy! When we got back, I met with a few more fellow 3 West members to watch the video below. Check it out and you’ll have no problem knowing if you have consent or not.