The Glow Concert

The Glow Concert that was hosted by the PSC was PHENOMENAL. They had different things to do there and different … More


This past weeks FNC was Night Yard Games. There was ultimate frisbee, bags, volleyball, and snow cones! This was a … More


Gus from 4 East put this event on today, and it was fantastic! There were 4 teams. Unfortunately, only Quinten … More

Late Night

I was joined by Quinten, Matthew and Lee for Late Night. We had a great time participating in many of … More

Fancy Pool

Goodwill had a lot of suit jackets for sale, so we did what anyone would do, and all got dressed … More

Food and Games

Thursday night, Thomas once again returned to McGregor. He made a delicious stir fry for wing members to enjoy. After … More

Until Dawn

Late Saturday night, we packed about as many people as we could into Quinten and Ryan’s room to play a … More

The Great Pancake

Friday night after a long week of classes, we got together to play some pool, and make the biggest pancake … More