Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Grillout

This past Saturday, we spent the day in Dubuque. We started by visiting a motorcycle shop named Sindt. Then, we went to the movie which was fantastic! After the movie, we stopped by Harley Davidson to check out some more motorcycles. After we spent about 6 hours in Dubuque, we came back for a grillout. I had some pork while the residents cooked their own burgers. This was an awesome day to take a break from school work.

Mini Pizzas

Sunday night for a snack, we decided to make some mini pizzas. We had some of the generic ingredients, but were lacking the necessary pizza sauce. We did have tomato sauce, so I then let the resident decide on how they wanted to season the pizzas. The final verdict was to use at least a dash from every seasoning we had. A bit to much garlic salt ended up being used, causing an extra salty yet delicious pizzas to be made. We then discovered that bbq sauce complemented the pizzas nicely.


Gus from 4 East put this event on today, and it was fantastic! There were 4 teams. Unfortunately, only Quinten and myself represented 3 West. For the first challenge, we had 45-55 minutes to design a base. The second challenge was a tournament of 2v2. After 3 hours of watching/playing, 3 West managed to win a solid 2nd place and get some Minecraft posters. We are super lucky to have Gus around!

Late Night

I was joined by Quinten, Matthew and Lee for Late Night. We had a great time participating in many of the activities, from inflatable games to mini golf. At one point we went to get brats, but right once we got to the front of the line, the brats were gone. So instead we got snow cones, which Quinten claimed were similar to brats. Unfortunately they ran out of monster as well before we got any. One of the best parts was the human sized Hungry Hungry Hippos.