The last 2 of the 3 boards having a little fun describing me as well as getting to put up a some Deadpool seeing as the second one is coming out soon! Advertisements

The Glow Party

This small party held between the Dobson and Morrow halls was a great little get together with a a lot of others to meet. There was a table for fruit with variety such as pineapples, apples, grapes, and a few more. It also had many different games like glow toss and glow volleyball. Also found […]

The Glow Concert

The Glow Concert that was hosted by the PSC was PHENOMENAL. They had different things to do there and different items there such as glow sticks for the first 1000 and face paint. The music was great and the light show was even better.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Grillout

This past Saturday, we spent the day in Dubuque. We started by visiting a motorcycle shop named Sindt. Then, we went to the movie which was fantastic! After the movie, we stopped by Harley Davidson to check out some more motorcycles. After we spent about 6 hours in Dubuque, we came back for a grillout. […]


This past weeks FNC was Night Yard Games. There was ultimate frisbee, bags, volleyball, and snow cones! This was a great time from 8-10 PM. If you missed it, there will be next year where we can go to more FNCs!

Mini Pizzas

Sunday night for a snack, we decided to make some mini pizzas. We had some of the generic ingredients, but were lacking the necessary pizza sauce. We did have tomato sauce, so I then let the resident decide on how they wanted to season the pizzas. The final verdict was to use at least a […]